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Plaza Middle School7

Virginia Beach, VA | Virginia Beach City County


September 2, 2014

Plaza MYP has been very good for my son, although it can certainly be challenging. I've enjoyed seeing him grow and develop and realize his own potential through being part of such a distinctive program. The leadership is disturbingly liberal, allowing some age-inappropriate material to be shown in an English class. They also have not always done a great job of providing the best instruction-- something that an Academy school should deliver. But all in all, it has been a good experience, one that I would highly recommend for the right type of student.

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January 8, 2014

I am a student at Plaza and I think it is a good school but the relationships between the IB and zoned kids royally suck. I think the teachers are great but if they could just stop treating the two groups so differently...

December 31, 2013

I am a student at plaza and I think that it's a school with many talented teachers but it also has a lot of faults.It's true the school is poor and teachers buy equipment.The teachers spend their money to buy pencils and rulers which are simply a must have at any school.it's pathetic that the school cannot afford them. I personally didn't like the principal but this year we have a new one though I don't know him enough to judge. I think the school has its level of punishment directed towards the wrong things. I pity the teachers at times because of how horrid the students are but the teachers don't do much about it. Because of this there is not enough respect.if youre a teacher it isn't a good idea to be dull and boring.if you care about your students' success than keep it interesting!this school isn't fair cuz a group/class/team/grade are punished for a few students' screw-ups.the custodians should be replaced because it's filthy! I found a rat trap next to the bleachers in the gym during p.e.!Money is wasted.The students are out of control but that's the parents' fault. Raise your kids correctly people! I wouldn't recommend plaza cause honestly they don't know what they're doing.

October 29, 2013

I now have my 2nd child at Plaza middle school and I will say I am surprised how great it has turned out. When my oldest was to go to Plaza I was not thrilled. I grew up in VA Beach and know Plaza reputation, but I will say I was surprised by the quality of teachers at this school. If I had an issue or concern a teacher would contact me back either my email or with a call back. My oldest went here without knowing anyone because we had sent him out of district for elementary and I will say by the end of the 1st nine weeks he has a lot of friends, and most he still knows now. The chorus program is excellent and like all schools it has it problems but as long as you keep up with your child you will have no problems

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June 8, 2013

I am a current 8th grader in the MYP program at Plaza. Let me say, that this school is most definitely the worst I have ever attended. The administrators are so rude and unprofessional, eating constantly and only using their work computers for lunch groupons. The school 'policies' are pulled out of thin air, nothing is in writing and evenly enforced. It really depends on how connected you are as to how often you get in trouble. The dress code is entirely too strict and unevenly enforced, often resulting in the same hundreds of girls (only girls) in the office, with the most horrid woman on the face of the earth, the discipline assistant. Also, there is a common hatred of MYP students throughout the whole school from other students and from the administration. This school is all about ruling with an iron fist, I assure you that your child will never receive mercy, regardless of the situation. Please, save yourself, save your child, don't go to Plaza.

May 26, 2013

I am an 8th grader at Plaza Middle School and I have enjoyed being at PMS every since I first came there in the 7th grade. The teachers are very nice and reliable and trustworthy and I thank God for both the students and teachers.

April 29, 2013

Turns out this school is great. Every school has its problems. The way I see it, the good outweighs the bad. My son is doing excellent as a 6th grader. The teachers care for their students progress. What I mean by that is, if your student is on the brink of getting low scores in any given subject, parents are notified and, they go the extra mile to make sure your child gets the help he/she deserves. My husband and I have no complaints.

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September 21, 2012

I am currently in 8th grade at Plaza Middle School and I can't say that I'm happy at this school. First off, we learned that the only reason MYP is at Plaza is so we can bring up test scores. That didn't work so well because I think at least half the 7th graders last year barely passed the Algebra 1 SOL. Second, the students on the non-MYP side and even some on the MYP are very rude. People will trample you in the hallways and scream offensive words. The after school activities, I can say, are great. The student activities coordinator is wonderful as are the teachers. However, sometimes the teachers do not punish students for acting against school policy. The MYP program is great as well. With MYP you get a lot of homework though, that's the biggest downside of the program. As for the regular school's education i can't say because I wasn't in it.

July 6, 2012

I am a uprising 8th grade MYP at PMS. For my first two years at Plaza I was a "Regular Student" and strongly disliked the MYP's after hearing rumors about what they said or did to other people and that was wrong because us "regular students" think that we are being treated differently from the MYP students but we really weren't. Then I had a little brother who came into Plaza as a MYP in 6th grade. I was in 7 th grade at the time. Every day he had something new to share with our family and I had very little the sometimes do give the MYP's more than other students because the deserve they worked for it. Half the regular students are not hard workers, bullies, or just plain out disrespectful to everyone including teachers. Those teachers even though they know they are being disrespected do nothing about which is making the troublemakers think that it is ok when it is not. Overall I think that Plaza is a great school but is separated by how smart you are or if your an MYP or not no one is any little bit different from someone else and Plaza needs to be one school. Other than the enforcement of rules it is a very good school. I would certainly send my child there.

July 10, 2011

I was a student in the MYP program at Plaza. The teachers were great and the athletic team made it fun, but the students there are so mean. Maybe it was people in my grade but the girls were just terrible, maybe because it was middle school. Anyway, it was difficult for me to fit in because I was the only one coming from my elementary school. If your child is going to go there and is the only one from their school make sure they get involved and make friends.

June 10, 2011

My son went to Plaza Middle school and Loved it. Plaza have a great staff as well as, Principle. As a parent, I can really say they care about their students. Many go far out of their way to help. (especially Mr. Whitman, I can't thank you enought for starting the plaza phi beta Gents club. It helped with my son's grades and confidence.)

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October 9, 2010

Plaza is a great school with a variety of students. The staff and administration are committed to the success of all students and work tirelessly at that goal.

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September 21, 2010

Plaza Middle houses several exceptional programs that are inspirational to the students. AVID which motivates kids at risk and the MYP program which supports kids that excel.

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August 15, 2009

i am an uprising 8th grader at plaza middle school. i really love this school! it provides a lot of us students. like for me. i am in the avid program. to help me with my colage aplication and to do beter in school. i dont think our parents really see how good this school is becuase of the people in the past. it really isnt a bad school at all. there are good teachers good students and all of that. out of all of the schools here in Va beach. i would choose Plaza. people may call it a gheto school. but its not at all. were just a little tight on money. so dont judge the school unlesss you are a student. oh! also! our sports are good! and the MYP program is awesome! im not in it but i have friends in it.

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November 28, 2008

I myself am a 7th grade MYP student attending Plaza. I find that the program in PMS is amazing- I would reccomend it to any student that is hard-working and likes a challenge. But, the actual Plaza Middle is only OK to me. The MYP and 'Regular Plaza' students' rules are the same, but differently enforced. For example, we have the same dress code, but if a MYP student wears something we are not supposed to, we have to call home and change. But if a 'regular plaza' student wears something we are not supposed to, they are not forced to change. I do not know if it is because MYP students' expectations are higher, but, it still seems unjust to me.

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