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Bridgette Hook

Bayside High School4

Virginia Beach, VA | Virginia Beach City County

August 26, 2013

My daughter is a sophomore at Bayside. I was a bit nervous when she began there since the school has a mediocre rating on sites like this. However, we've been pleasantly surprised at what a great experience it's been! Her classes are challenging, her teachers are excellent, the sports are inclusive and fun, and her friends are great. Any time I have a question for a teacher, coach, administrator, etc. they are responsive and supportive. They have an excellent selection of classes (Latin, advanced maths, AP, Health Sciences Academy). The only negative comments I can make are that the facility needs to be updated... the building needs a facelift. Other than that, Bayside has been a great experience for my daughter, and we're so glad we decided to send her there rather than paying thousands of dollars for private school.

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August 4, 2013

I am a student at bayside high. and there is some bad reputation about the school. That is other stuck-up parents thinking they are better than us because they can afford a million dollar house. They also say that it is a black people school. yes, a lot of the students are African American but, I am a coccasion female. and I love bayside. I went to Bayside middle and Independence middle in my younger says and I hated independence. They all bullied me because I was from bayside. They said I was poor and ghetto. Also they was much more drug activity and bullying there than at Bayside! My first day there I saw a teacher smoking in the bathroom. All my friend at Bayside were always there for me. And omg! guess what I'm a blonde tiny white girl and I didn't get shot! There is a much deeper connection at Bayside high school then other schools. Also, they have a GREAT football team! and cheerleaders ( I am a cheerleader ;D) so don't believe people when they tell you it is a ghetto no good rundown school. they are just ignorant snobby people. I don't live in the best neighborhood but guess what I have no lesser of a chance at succeeding in life than any other student would.

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March 17, 2013

Believe me when I tell you, but this school is by far a sad excuse for a school. Communication from teachers to home is terrible. Most teachers just don't seem to care. The education level is ridiculously low, but from my understanding that's everywhere in the South. I can't get over the lack of education here. I'm from the North, and what my child is learning in most of his 9th grade classes here, he already learned in 7th grade. He was even placed in some 10th and 11th grade courses to be comparative to what he was learning before the move here and they are still lacking. Unfortunately for where we live, this is the school he had to go to. Besides the lack of quality education, safety is an issue. Every single day there is atleast one fight that my son has seen. It's crazy! I can't wait to move and get him into a better school. They need a total educational revamp!!

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October 6, 2012

My daughter is a Freshman at Bayside Health Science Academy and my husband and I are very impressed by the teachers and their enthusiasm in teaching our kids. The Advanced Studies Diploma curriculum is intense, but it is amazing to hear our daughter discuss her classroom topics. She has learned so much already in it only the first semester. We were also very impressed by their use of technology to teach with; smartboards, edmundo, etc.

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February 8, 2012

Good school. Very diverse. Does not have the horrible reputation that many residents in Virginia seem to give it. Sports events are very fun.

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October 1, 2009

We prove to the world that being diverse can make a school stronger!

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August 24, 2009

This is my second year at Bayside and i have to say that i am impressed. I had asked people about it and they only gave me negative feed back, so when i went, i was scared to death. But, they were totallt wrong. Yea there drama and fights, but thats at almost every school. Bayside is not nearly as bad as people make it sound. Im actually proud to be a Marlin! :)

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January 14, 2009

Bayside is the best in the Beach!! before my first day as a freshman, my sister, a student at kempsvilleat the time, told me 'oh you are going to get shot if you go to Bayside!' But boy was she wrong!! Bayside is one of the safest schools i know of! I feel more safe here than i do anywhere else!! If a parent is worried about their child's safety, they have no need to worry about their safety here!! there are very rarely fights!! maybe 1 or 2 every couple of months!!!! We are Bayside!! And we are the Marlin family!!!!

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November 17, 2008

I went for two years. I was part of the health science academy and just figured that it wasnt for me. Compared to kempsivlle where i am now for my home school, bayside was better when looking at the over all school. Kids are very spirited about their school, the teachers are some of the best and you can really feel that they are stiving to see you succed. The rest of the faculty other then the teachers are friendly and just as kind. Bayside should have the rep of being a bad school, its jsut one of the best.

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October 11, 2008

I'm currently a student at BHS and I would have to say that this school is awesome. Of course, like any other school, there are fights and A LOT of drama, but what would high school experience be like without it (it seems like it would be better, however, 'without suffering, there would be no compassion') ? All the friends I've made at Bayside so far have made a significant impact on my life. The students are pretty chill. The teachers are pretty understanding too but, of course, there are always a few teachers that everyone dislikes. Overall, I'm stoked that I go to Bayside High School :D <333

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August 8, 2008

i love this school and i only went for a yr

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August 5, 2008

Bayside has a great group of students! They are WONDERFUL. The majority of teacher are absolutely fantastic. It is unfortunate that the administration hinders the great teachers at BHS and supports the not-so-great ones. The principal and administration is lacking. Students need guidance and consistency rather than being babied by the admin.

February 16, 2008

Im so glad im i the Bayside Health Science Academy....or i would never go to this school. The only good part is the academy kids and the rest of the students dont really care about their education. Don't send your child here no matter what unless their going to be in the academy then its only worth it.

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August 5, 2005

I am a graduate of Bayside High School class of 2000, and I can say that what people assume about the school being dangerous or bad is untrue. I felt safe there, and got involved in everything from cheerleading to forensics to the Darlin Marlin's, and loved every minute of it. The teachers are amazing and I will always remember Mrs. Wilkes the chorus teacher and how she brightened up my life. --Sharee Brantley

Submitted by a former student

March 25, 2005

BHS is the Best School I have been to. It not only has many many extracricular activities but has school spirit and a high achievement level. BHS is also the host school of BHS health Sciences Academy. So far in this school I have not seen one fight (which is very good). Not only do you learn to your highest but you also become part of the BHS family. We would love to have you come and learn with us. Tia Combs - Freshman

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